Thursday, January 12, 2006

oh yeah and for you ange we aren't going anywhere yet. not plannig on moving. so it might be a while till we see you. Posted by Picasa

I hope everyone is well, i just remembered something that happened over christmas that was pretty funny. Not only did we get the company of Matty Packer but he asked if one of his mates could come over for chrissy as he was just in WA for uni holidays working like him. You wouldn't believe it but Mattys mate Ben used to live next to Ange and I in Sydney. Remember the boys across the drive ang, well Ben is over here, what a small world. We had a great time with both of them, heading out to freo to little creatures brewery and as you can probably tell from the photos of matty he managed to get himself kicked out cutting our evening short.  Posted by Picasa

Monday, January 02, 2006

Matty Packer dancing up a storm!!!! Posted by Picasa

just thought i might add acouple more photos from christmas. a little out of order but thought some of you guys from Cowra might enjoy the ones of little packer. Posted by Picasa

this is when we got back from a paddle down the river and a bit of fishing. Posted by Picasa

camping in Kalbarri over new years. Posted by Picasa

this is the national park at Kalbarri, pretty awsome, you can kayak down the river Posted by Picasa

the pinnacles, WA Posted by Picasa

Chicko and i have just gotten back from camping in Kalbarri on the way we dropped in to the pinnacles. it was pretty amazing! . Posted by Picasa