Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Hi All
I just got some more photos of my trip to Mauritius so i thought I would post them. Life in Perth is good,not much to report. Chicko and i have been learning to surf on weekends. Caught up with Stegs the other day which was good, have seen a bit of Roger and Carl too lately which has been good.
Galvo and Les
hope your working hard today! I will have to get some photos of you guys to put on here so you will check it out more often. I will see what i can dig up.
Doesn't look like we will be coming back for a visit until December so hopefully we will come and see you then.
I'll post again soon!

One of the nights in Mauritius.  Posted by Picasa

The Winners of the beach olympics - the grey team.  Posted by Picasa

at dinner in mauritius - me, Tony (my boss) and Rowena Posted by Picasa

pauline and I at the beach party - mauritius Posted by Picasa

This was during a dinner party  Posted by Picasa

the beach olympics, I was in the grey team and I would like to mention that we won 4 out of the 5 games making us the CHAMPIONS! Posted by Picasa

more photos from Mauritius Posted by Picasa