Monday, June 25, 2007

Chicko and I just went on a trip to Broome

Here are some of the photos


Saturday, June 02, 2007

I have just gone through and posted some photos without any real desriptions, just so you know whats going on, i started trying to post a video tour of our house which in the end is just a picture of our street, i will try and fix that at some point. After that is some photos of Mick and Mels wedding (Chickos brother) that we went to back in Inverell and after that is just some pictures from around the Pilbara.

We are finally settled in Port Hedland we lived in a temporary house for a while but are now in our new house which is great. We have a great back deck which inspired us to purchase a BBQ and outdoor table and chairs. I am writing this after coming inside from the deck where we just had lunch which was BBQed threadfin salmon we caught about 2 hours ago. Today would have been our best fishing day yet! Everytime we threw our line in we pulled in a salmon or a bream, we threw alot back cause there was no way would ever eat them all.

The photos I am posting now are from 80 mile beach which is just north of Port Hedland and just before Broome. I think we got a couple of photos today of our fish but I'll post them later

see you
Pia and Chicko

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Point Samson

The Whim Creek Pub
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salt pile Port Hedland

Me fishing

Chicko fishing

Cape Keradrun (north of port)
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