Saturday, April 21, 2007

Hi all

sorry for the delay in posting, have been busy moving to Port Hedland.

Last week I finally packed up and left Perth to move to Port Hedland, chicko has been up here for 5 weeks already with work so i decided it was probably time i came up too. I had an awsome couple of weeks before i left with everyone in Perth, pitty i don't have the photos from that to post but i will try and track some down. Chicko came back to help me pack, we had a bit of a farewell at the pub then off on the plane in the morning.

So I have been here a week now and have been working this week at the Department of Indigenous Affairs just filling in while someone is away, i will be there for a couple of weeks by then i will hopefully have found permanent work. There are heaps of jobs here so i am not to worried at this stage.

Yesterday (Saturday), Chicko and i went for a drive to Karratha and Point Samson for a look. Point Samson was beautiful. The water was so clear and warm and just beautiful. I definately will be going back there. There are alot of islands around Point samson i think called the archipelogo islands, when we get a boat we will be able to explore them a bit better and yes we are thinking about getting a little boat.

i have a few photos of yesterday that i will put up, later on today we are going fishing so will post some photos of that as well.

also a big congratulations to Ange and Ant who got engaged last week!!! and to Kirkers and Luke wo also got engaged! What a romantic week last week must have been.