Tuesday, November 28, 2006

On the weeked we had our regatta, after a few weeks of training we ended up being a reasonable crew. Our heat went well and we ended up being the fasted all female crew on the day. Our final did not go so well, one of the seats in the boat broke and put our timing out but still we went okay. If we weren't going to win at least we looked good! Posted by Picasa

on our way out to the race Posted by Picasa

the queens of the river winning best dressed!!! Posted by Picasa

Saturday, November 18, 2006

one of them jumping and playing with us. Posted by Picasa


Well, chicko and i went to Rockingham on saturday to go kayaking, last time we went there we found this place with all these sea lions so this weekend we went back to take some photos. I hope you enjoy them.

Both of us went swimming with them, it is the best thing I have ever done. Everyone has to come to Perth so we can take you out there.

Amyway I will post again soon, as we are going to the Red Bull Air race today.

this is not a very good photo but you can see this one has come all the way up and is touching my hand. Posted by Picasa

this is me on my kayak on the way out to seal island.  Posted by Picasa

it is a bit difficult to see but this the beach where the sea lions live, you can see 2 of them on the sand. Posted by Picasa

i took this pic when i was in the water swimming with the sea lions, they get up really close, this one was so close to me i thought it was going to kiss me.  Posted by Picasa

some of the sea lion come right up to check you out. Posted by Picasa

chicko and one of the old male sea lions Posted by Picasa

this is me swimming with the sea lions Posted by Picasa

another sea lion Posted by Picasa

down at Welshy's after the moring at Rockingham  Posted by Picasa

Kelli and I  Posted by Picasa

After the sea lions Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Awesome! Posted by Picasa

Chicko and his mini mal  Posted by Picasa

i have had these surfing photos for a while but forgot to post them, better late then never i suppose. Chicko and i have been a few times, i am not much good but chicko can stand up no problems.  Posted by Picasa

this was on Melbourne cup day, Xris who I am sitting with made the fascinators and made me wear one to pose for a photo.  Posted by Picasa

All has been going well, i haven't taken many photos lately but i happened to have my camera at work last week so i thought i may as well post a photo of my desk as this is where i spend alot of my time.  Posted by Picasa

this is me at work with a pressie I got from Joey, Thanks mate. She gave me those pretty earings andnecklace I am wearing. Also Ange thanks for the scratchies, I won $45!!  Posted by Picasa